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Our Bernese Mountain Dog Nevis has stayed with Eileen several times now.  Last time we dropped him off he ran straight into her garden, wagging his tail happily and jumped into the back of her vehicle ready for his walk!  It makes it so much easier for us to go away knowing that he is happy and safe in Eileen’s care.  He always comes home a happy, tired out doggie, having obviously had a lot of fun with Eileen and his doggie friends.  Huge thanks, Eileen, for making Nevis feel so loved that he’s always happy to come back!

Jenny and Rob Anderson, Drumoak

Eileen's reply

Nevis is a 2 year old Bernese Mountain dog who is as handsome, gorgeous and laid back as he is huge).  I appear to be the ‘Bernese Mountain Dog Home Boarder’ at the moment.  No complaints this end!

Thank you so much for caring for Mozart.  It was the first time he had stayed away from home and we were looking for the best possible care – Eileen, you provided him with that and more – including frequent text message updates whilst we were on holiday.  Each message was greatly appreciated by all the family and enabled us to relax and enjoy our holiday.  Mozart enjoyed a ‘home from home’ experience including nice long walks, lots of love, care, cuddles and attention.  He came home a very happy boy.

We shall not hesitate in recommending Eileen to our friends.  Mozart is already looking forward to his next ‘holiday’.  Eileen you are the best and really do ‘love dogs’.
Thank you for everything. The Bradley Family xxxx

Sandra Bradley, Drumoak

Eileen's reply

Mozart is a 10 month old Bernese Mountain dog who is as mischievous as he is cuddly and lovable.

Finding Eileen has been a life saver. Bailey is our baby and she had never been in a kennel or around other dogs, she has always been looked after by my parents when we have gone on holiday. Due to ill health they can no longer care for her and I was so worried about leaving her with a stranger. How wrong was I? …. Eileen is a new member of the family. Bailey absolutely adores her and thoroughly enjoys meeting ‘new friends’ at Eileen’s home. She is always happy being dropped off and I’m sure she doesn’t want to come home to her hum drum life. Without doubt there could be no safer place to leave your doggy.

Siobhan Dreelan, Milltimber

Eileen's reply

Bailey is, unsurprisingly, a Bailey’s Irish Cream coloured Shih Tzu with a very definite mind of her own.  I’m honoured to now be Bailey’s Auntie.  I’m not sure I’m ready to be her substitute Granny just yet though!

Prior to a recent stay with Eileen, our six year old retriever, Ciara, had only ever stayed with friends or relatives who are well known to her and we did not feel comfortable leaving her in kennels.  However, thankfully we discovered Eileen as the experience there is certainly not that of a boarding kennel but rather one of a welcoming home with an owner who really does ‘love doggies’!  Before Ciara noticed me at the gate when I arrived to collect her (after she had spent 3 days with Eileen) I saw her jump into the back of Eileen’s car as if quite happy to head back off out for another walk!  She was exhausted when she got home though so I had no doubt she had plenty of exercise and I would have no hesitation in taking Ciara back to stay with Eileen again in future.

Sandra Grant, Stonehaven

Eileen's reply

Ciara is quite a shy six year old Golden Retriever.

Many thanks to Eileen for taking such good care of our whippet, Sophie, whilst we were away on holiday. If, like us, you don’t like the idea of your dog going into kennels, then Eileen’s home from home is the place to choose. She treats all her ‘lodgers’ as if they were her own.  Sophie had 2 x 2 hour daily runs up Learney hill and various other places which she loved.  She has come back home in tip top whippet condition—-I think she could almost outrun a cheetah now!!

Joan Murray, Findon

Eileen's reply

Sophie is a pretty needy whippet – aren’t they all? – who just wants to be held and cuddled … and walked for miles we’ve discovered.

I have left Baxter with Eileen at Love Dogs a few times now and never stress. When I get updates saying he is sleeping on Eileen’s lap after a day of fun running around with other dogs that is all the peace of mind I need!
He is always happy to be left there and I am sure he misses the fun with his chums after he is picked up.  I have no doubts at all when arranging a weekend away or longer in leaving him the capable hands of Love Dogs, thank you!

Roberta Geddes, Kintore

Eileen's reply

Baxter is an excitable, kissy and gorgeous 1 year old black Cocker spaniel.

Thank you so much for looking after Jasper for us while we were away in Germany. We had no worries about leaving Jasper as we knew he would be very well looked after in your home and made to feel part of the family. You have such a lovely manner with the dogs which put our minds at ease straight away. It was great to get the texts you sent us with updates about Jasper. We could tell jasper had enjoyed his holiday when we got him home.  He was very relaxed and happy.

Roxy, Hamish and ‘Jasper’

Eileen's reply

Roxy, Hamish and ‘Jasper’ who is a very lively 3 year old springer spaniel.

We left our Bailey (Border Collie) with Eileen for a week this June. With Bailey being a rescue dog and not taking to kindly to kennels, we had to find somewhere that he would be loved like he is at home. We found this with Eileen. After an initial introductory stroll to get to know each other, Bailey took to Eileen instantly and Eileen to Bailey. She treated him like her own and this was evident when we returned to drop him off for his stay, he was so excited to see her it made everything the more enjoyable for our family knowing he was somewhere where he would be happy. The service did not only stop here, whilst on our holiday Eileen texted us frequently to let us know Bailey was settling in and was comfortable and having a great time. It is extremely reassuring that we know that Eileen and Bailey have a good relationship and lets us relax for knowing we can go on future holidays without having to worry if Bailey would be ok. So a big thanks to Eileen.

Victoria Wilson, Stonehaven

Eileen's reply

Bailey is an absolutely lovable black and white collie who became my shadow.

Thank you so much for looking after Noosa for us recently while we were away on holiday.  It was great to know she was in such good hands and settled and enjoyed her “holiday” with her new chums and her adopted “Mum”.  We worried she wouldn’t want to come home! Noosa sends you a big cuddle, misses you and thanks you lots.  Really appreciated everything.

Gavin and Katrina Angus, Dyce

Eileen's reply

Noosa is an extremely affectionate 5 year old Weimeraner.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you so much for looking after Pika on occasions these past couple of years. Despite her timid response when she first arrives I know that she has received great care, attention and love…..and not forgetting fantastic long walks and making friends along the way!! She’s always been returned a very happy and tired pooch.

Ian McWhinnie, Aberdeen

Eileen's reply

Pika is the sweetest wee 18 month old Jack Russell cross Yorkshire Terrier who now sadly must be rehomed.

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