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We were delighted with the love and care Eileen showed to our dog, Otis, during his stay at Love Dogs.  She really took the time to get to know him and was so accommodating and caring. I would have no hesitation in recommending Love Dogs to anyone who wants their dog to experience a home from home when they are away.  Thanks Eileen!

Emma Ross

Eileen's reply

Otis is an adorable working cocker who goes a bit bonkers when “beeps” substitute swear words on TV, bless him.  Lucky I don’t really watch TV then!  Otherwise, Otis is a joy to have around and a star on our walks.

We can’t thank you enough for taking such good care of our two and a half year old Cockapoo, Ruby.  We were very nervous dropping her off as she had never stayed at a dog boarder before, but when we came to collect her, three and a half weeks later, it was clear that she too had enjoyed her own fun holiday with you.  I don’t think she missed us at all.  She was a very happy and content dog.  You obviously exercised her very well as she looked great and snoozed most of the weekend when she came home.  Ruby has definitely missed all her new friends and you.

Hopefully Ruby can come for a holiday again soon.  We know she’ll be ecstatic to see you.

Joanna and Keith

Eileen's reply

Ruby is a beautiful red cockapoo who knows her own mind but is incredibly lovable and cuddly.  She certainly kept me on my toes and I missed her when she left me after 3 ½ weeks.

We cannot thank you enough for looking after Tilly at what was a sad and stressful time for our family. We would highly recommend you to anyone it was such a relief to know that Tilly was being looked after by you. She had a fantastic time with her lovely walks and her swim in the River Dee – we know as she slept for two days after!!! It was a pleasure to meet you and we would not hesitate to have Tilly come stay with you again next time we are up visiting. We know she will be howling as we approach your house as she loved it that much! Thank you so much for looking after our most precious four legged friend and for being so kind to us at a difficult time.

Love love ‘Love Dogs’

Helen, Martin, & Tilly xxx

Eileen's reply

Tilly is a gorgeous golden Cocker who was booked in at short notice because of a bereavement.  She had never met me before as she lives in Berkshire, however, she settled beautifully and I loved having her.  Tilly is welcome any time

I love traveling but I hate leaving my pup. As a matter of fact, I’ve not gone on some trips because I couldn’t bear to leave my pup, Foxy, in a kennel. Luckily though, a year ago I found Eileen. No person could say Eileen’s heart is not into what she does and the dogs she spends time with. When dropping Foxy off, she is always excited to see Eileen, greeting a dear friend she’s missed. Eileen usually sends me an update, about the time I really need one, and responds quickly to any worries I may have. When we arrive home Foxy is happy and comfortable, settling back in to routine easily, showing me she’s been perfectly content while I was gone and there was no real disruption in her daily life. Although I write this review because Eileen deserves the kudos, I don’t completely like doing it in fear that I have to share. I really feel fortunate I found Eileen and highly recommend her… But don’t tell your friends and let’s keep her our little secret.

Jen Sutherland, Aberdeen

Eileen's reply

Foxy is the sweetest, gentlest 11 year old Jack Russel/Daschund who sees off all contenders for my knee in the evenings.  She’s always a joy to have on our walks and in my home.

Thank you so much for looking after our Libby.  She had a blast with you and all the other doggies.  I knew you from the gym and knew you loved your doggies but didn’t know you took in boarders.  Thank goodness I found that out.
Libby is only 1 year old and it was the first time we had left her.  Don’t think she missed us much!

You looked after her so well, she came back tired, contented and slotted back into her old routine straight away.

I know she can be a bit of a madam at times, but you handled her so well, Eileen.  I will recommend you to all my doggy friends.

All the many emails helped us, knowing you were looking after her.

Thanks again Eileen xx

Christine Bradbury, Aberdeen

Eileen's reply

Libby is a gorgeous one year old Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier … who likes to push the envelope a bit … but is a complete cuddlebum really. She celebrated her first birthday with me at Love Dogs and had a wee party with her pals.Libby is a gorgeous one year old Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier … who likes to push the envelope a bit … but is a complete cuddlebum really. She celebrated her first birthday with me at Love Dogs and had a wee party with her pals.

We want to say a big thank you to Eileen for taking such great care of our lurcher, Blue. He has stayed with Eileen a few times now. Blue is very active and, as you can imagine being a lurcher, he needs to run and play but also he is very affectionate. Without a doubt Blue received the best possible care and attention. We went on holiday with great peace of mind knowing Eileen was taking great care of him. Eileen genuinely loves dogs:  you can tell that immediately when you meet her.  Also dogs love Eileen. Thank you Eileen xx

Cindy and Dek

Eileen's reply

Blue is a very much beloved lurcher who both needs and deserves (and gets) lots and lots of TLC.  A pleasure to have in my home and on our walks.

What a great find.

I was so worried as my big baby, Jessie, is getting on a bit and as she has been in “so called” luxury kennels a few times (and to be fair there are two that I might recommend) I have always been concerned even although she has come home fine.  But there’s no place like home.

I needed to find somewhere for her to stay for just a few days at short notice. I searched the web and found this lovely lady. After chatting to her on the phone  I felt I wanted to go and meet her along with Jessie.
When I started talking to family I found out that my niece’s friend once lived nearby and what she said put my mind at ease even more. Until then I thought, what am I doing leaving her with a complete stranger, who knows what might happen to my Jessie.

Jessie, myself and my sister went to visit Eileen at her home.  She welcomed us and immediately was down on the floor fussing Jessie. My fears of Jessie’s well being disappeared as I knew Jessie would definitely come first and foremost (dogs always come first in Eileen’s world which is lovely to see).  Jessie went on holiday at Eileen’s for a few days and she must have had a great time.  She probably now finds life back at home a bit boring.  Then again she is getting on and can’t do what she used to do.

Eileen was so helpful at all times with trying to work out my needs on time of collecting her as well as all Jessie’s needs and to my very huge surprise when we collected her she smelt wonderful and just like she had just come from the groomers. Nothing like the way she always smells when I have collected her from kennels in the past.

I have already booked Jessie in with Eileen for the future and I know I will go away knowing she will have a great holiday and Eileen will enjoy fussing her too.

Now my holidays will always happen when Eileen has a space and not when I want to go.

Big thank you to Eileen we will be back again soon

Wendy Rose, Cushnie, Alford

Eileen's reply

Jessie is an absolutely gorgeous 10 year old Leonberger – a wonderfully good natured and easy girl who put up with endless cuddles and fussing and grooming with good grace and patience!).  I look forward to the next time, Jessie x

I left my Harris a springer spaniel (very active) boy with Eileen for the first time recently. Any worries I had at leaving him were quickly put to rest.   Eileen’s own home is warm, friendly and loving for dogs.  (Same for humans too!)   Eileen took the time to listen to the needs and wants for Harris as he is sort of trained to the whistle and has certain commands that he follows, along with his own routines.

I would not hesitate in leaving Harris again with Eileen, and most importantly I know that Harris feels the same.

Anne Donald, Monymusk

Eileen's reply

Harris is a very lively and happy 2 year old black and white Springer spaniel who did not put one paw wrong the entire time he was with me.  Come back any time, Harris.

Our Bernese Mountain Dog Nevis has stayed with Eileen several times now.  Last time we dropped him off he ran straight into her garden, wagging his tail happily and jumped into the back of her vehicle ready for his walk!  It makes it so much easier for us to go away knowing that he is happy and safe in Eileen’s care.  He always comes home a happy, tired out doggie, having obviously had a lot of fun with Eileen and his doggie friends.  Huge thanks, Eileen, for making Nevis feel so loved that he’s always happy to come back!

Jenny and Rob Anderson, Drumoak

Eileen's reply

Nevis is a 2 year old Bernese Mountain dog who is as handsome, gorgeous and laid back as he is huge).  I appear to be the ‘Bernese Mountain Dog Home Boarder’ at the moment.  No complaints this end!

Thank you so much for caring for Mozart.  It was the first time he had stayed away from home and we were looking for the best possible care – Eileen, you provided him with that and more – including frequent text message updates whilst we were on holiday.  Each message was greatly appreciated by all the family and enabled us to relax and enjoy our holiday.  Mozart enjoyed a ‘home from home’ experience including nice long walks, lots of love, care, cuddles and attention.  He came home a very happy boy.

We shall not hesitate in recommending Eileen to our friends.  Mozart is already looking forward to his next ‘holiday’.  Eileen you are the best and really do ‘love dogs’.
Thank you for everything. The Bradley Family xxxx

Sandra Bradley, Drumoak

Eileen's reply

Mozart is a 10 month old Bernese Mountain dog who is as mischievous as he is cuddly and lovable.

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