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Terms and Conditions

None of the following scenarios have ever happened, I hope they never will and never expect them to, however, under the terms of my license I must be prepared for all eventualities and urge clients to read these terms and conditions carefully.

In the course of the contract of care and service ‘Love dogs’ provides, clients authorise veterinary care or alternative home care to be sought as deemed necessary. If the client’s veterinarian or other professional specified in the agreement form cannot be reached or is unavailable, the client authorises ‘Love dogs’ to choose an alternative qualified professional to handle the emergency.  The client agrees to reimburse ‘Love dogs’ for all expenses incurred.

‘Love dogs’ is entrusted to use absolute best judgement in the care of the dog and will be held blameless for consequences related to such decisions.

‘Love dogs’ faithfully promises to provide care in a reliable, loving and trustworthy manner.  The client expressly waives and relinquishes any and all claims against ‘Love dogs’ except those arising from legal negligence or wilful misconduct on my part.

The client verifies that the dog(s) is not aggressive and has not previously bitten anyone.  Should that not be the case and ‘Love dogs’ is exposed to any ailment received from the client’s dog it will be the client’s responsibility to pay all costs incurred.  ‘Love dogs’ reserves the right to terminate the agreement at any time before or during its term if it is determined that the dog poses a danger to health and safety.  The client authorises the dog to be placed in a boarding kennel if deemed necessary and all costs to be charged to the client.

‘Love dogs’ is authorised to retain client’s house keys should this be necessary for the pick up/drop off of the dog(s) and the client waives any claims against ‘Love dogs’ or Eileen West for any loss, theft or damage to property or dogs not due to wilful negligence.

Should a client not honour an accommodation booking without giving prior notice of 5 days the client remains liable for payment in full.  If the booking is cancelled within 14 days of the arrival date £5 per day per dog cancellation fee is required.  Love Dogs deeply regrets these terms, however, spaces are at a premium and are booked on a first come basis usually resulting in dogs being turned away in the interim.  Should a dog on the waiting list take up the cancelled period some or all of the no-show fee will be waived at the discretion of Love Dogs.

I’m happy to accommodate puppies, but all guests need to be housetrained.

The client understands the agreement also serves as an invoice and takes full responsibility for prompt payment for the period of care.

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