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Love Dogs was very highly recommended by a work colleague, so I knew before meeting Eileen that she would provide excellent care for Bailey, our young cocker spaniel. Having never left him overnight with anyone before, my husband and I were naturally apprehensive, but Eileen made the process so easy, and after a day visit, we had no doubts that he would be well looked after. Our expectations were greatly exceeded; Eileen went above and beyond to make Bailey's stay a perfect holiday. While we enjoyed a relaxing break, he was entertained with hours of activity in a beautiful Deeside home from home - making new doggy friends, swimming in the River Dee, glorious forest walks and TLC in abundance! Receiving the daily photo and video updates was a further reassurance that our boy was in the best, and safest possible hands. We cannot thank Love Dogs enough for taking care of Bailey and have already arranged many other play dates and holidays to his new Auntie Eileen. If his tail-wagging could tell the true star-rating of Love Dogs, Bailey would acknowledge that Eileen deserves the highest accolade possible! 

Ruth and David Leslie

Eileen's reply

Bailey is very possibly the happiest, most excitable, liveliest chocolate spaniels I've had the joy of staying with me. He's 18 months old and just observing him careering through heather and ferns in the hills on our walks and playing in my garden never fails to make me smile. As does watching him finally conk out and fall fast asleep by my feet at night!!! See you very soon Bailey. 

Having had very poor experiences of leaving our pals at kennels in previous years, we have never found anyone we could trust to look after our girls, until a chance encounter with Eileen while out walking our dogs. A little over a year later Honey and Isla were sharing Eileen's house for two weeks while we went on a family holiday. 

We had no doubt these Mutley's were going to be in good hands, but it was fantastic to see regular photos being sent to us while we were away. They were clearly getting the 5-start treatment. 

There's nothing our dogs love more, with the exception of food, than to be outside running around, and Eileen's regime ensured these spaniels had their fair share of exercise. When we went to pick them up, both dogs were in fantastic condition - super lean, well groomed and clearly well loved. In fact, we haven't seen them look so good in a long time, so thank you for exceeding our expectations Eileen! 

Martin & Helen Slowey

Eileen's reply

Honey and Isla are typically lively Spaniels and I love having them. Isla, I was warned, is a timid wee girl. That lasted about 2 hours then she became my shadow to the point it was hard to get a decent picture of her as she was spot-welded to my calf. Honey is more confident and independent but both insisted on lap time in the evenings. No complaints this end. A sad farewell when they went home.

From the moment that you meet Eileen you are left in no doubt that she is mad about dogs, more importantly she knows about dogs. So we had no hesitation in entrusting her with our rather exuberant three year old Leonberger, Magnus. A few hours later at our airport stopover, the first of what turned out to be twice daily updates pinged up on the phone, with photos! 

Every photo from then on had two smiling faces, Magnus' and Eileen's, so we knew that they were enjoying their time together. So much so that after I collected him he sulked for three days as he missed his new pal so much. 

Your dog will love it's sojourn with Eileen, eat well, excercise well and come back fit, healthy and well groomed. 

Magnus will be a regular guest at Eileen's home from home.

Ross and Susan McKay

Eileen's reply

I can't resist a Leonberger after my beloved Nessa whom I travel to Texas every year to visit. Magnus has filled her paw-prints that's for sure. Following a boisterous home visit, within an hour of Magnus arriving for his holiday there was an unshakable bond between us to the point that I began to dread him going home. It made me feel a little better that he missed me as much as I miss him!

We left our 5 year old beagle with Eileen for 12 days and she had a terrific time. She is normally a bit timid, but after an initial visit with Eileen she settled in as one of the family. To get the peace of mind and great selection of photos on a daily basis from the walks and around the home reassured us immensely. Abbie came home a very healthy, very happy dog and we could see that she had been extremely well looked after. We have already booked her in for another three visits. Eileen has a great nature and you can see she is devoted to caring for other people's dogs. I would highly recommend her and have also have had a great report from friends. A one in a million find and nothing any problem. 

Lorraine Johnson

Eileen's reply

Abbie is a beautiful, loving, very sweet-natured Beagle who made herself at home with us instantly. Dinah, Finty and I look forward to her next visits.

It was a forthcoming family wedding that made me finally make the decision to find a carer for Olive outwith the family. Kennels were not an option so the search began. I stumbled upon Love Dogs website purely by accident, what a find! 

Olive has now stayed with Eileen on three occasions and she absolutely loves it. On meeting Eileen I instantly knew I had found the right person to look after our precious little bundle of fun. It is so comforting leaving Olive knowing that she will be well cared for, loved, and to Olive's delight, taken on long walks with other dogs to place with. Eileen sends us regular photos and updates, usually of Olive romping around the hills.

Eileen is sincere, enthusiastic, full of energy and has a genuine love for dogs. I have no hesitation recommending Love Dogs. 

Jackie Sudron

Eileen's reply

Olive is an incredibly sweet, entertaining and loving 2 year old Schnauzer who regularly has "happy attacks" on our walks.

By my own admission, I am a bit particular about who looks after my big bear as it's not everyone who can deal with a 65 kilo Newfoundland who is a bit nuts. I was new to the area and as luck would have it, I met Eileen on a walk and discovered she was a Newfie lover. It's a big ask for anyone to take a big dog like mine, especially into their home, but it wasn't a problem for Eileen. I was happy in the knowledge that Eileen would take great care of him (which she did) and give him the love he craves (which he got) and it meant I could enjoy my holiday knowing that he was in very capable hands. He also came back to me looking better than he would leaving the groomers! Brushed, blow dried and smelling delightful. Thank you, Eileen. I don't have family here so to have somebody I trust to look after my dog is a game changer for us and allows us to have some family time in places where we can't sneak our big boy in with us :)

Karen Henderson

Eileen's reply

Hudson is an absolutely stunning and very loving Newfoundland. I loved having him in my home and on my walks. A bit like having a Silverback Gorilla as a houseguest!! Silverbacks always welcome! 

After first meeting Eileen by chance out on our local hills last year with our, then young, puppy and really enjoying her company and boundless enthusiasm we were delighted to be able to fit in a slot several months later for our young, energetic Lab Millie. This was Millie's first time in 'home boarding' and we were hesitant about how well she would behave and retain her first year of training and obedience as well as a good level of fitness we had built up with her, not least as it was an extended duration of three weeks while we were home in the States. 

We were delighted - Millie obviously settled with Eileen (of course - she's amazing!) and all of her new doggy friends. Eileen's regular communication and updates while we were away was a really nice addition and comfort to know she was in great hands - it made us all (especially Millie's 'real owner' - our 10 year old daughter) very happy to know Millie was having a great time. We just loved the video and photo updates while we were away and it made us feel like she was very much in great hands and having a fantastic time too. 

Millie came back fitter, healthier, happier and even better behaved than she was when we left - a huge contrast to a previous experience when we were away and a real result of Eileen's professionalism. We will definitely be relying on Eileen for all of our future trips.

Gavin Robb

Eileen's reply

Millie is an adorable and very active young golden Labrador whom I was very sorry to see go after 3 glorious weeks. I'm delighted to hear she'll be coming back!

Thank you so much for taking care of Archie for us. We cannot recommend you highly enough to our friends. Archie is always so happy going to you and we know that he is well exercised and very well cared for. The photos that you sent of him romping in the hills during his stays with you are testimony to this. Thanks again.  

Carol Leslie

Eileen's reply

Archie is a 5 year old, gentle, loving black Labrador. A true gentleman of a chap and always welcome. 

I can’t thank you enough for having our lovely boy Ruben.  He has had such good fun (clearly …. ’cause he’s totally sulking to be home!!!) and you kept us reassured with updates.  It made our holiday, knowing he was being looking after and loved as much as we do.  The extensive walks and company he’s had has been invaluable and thanks for helping with training on jumping up, when we say “paws” he gets down, thanks for that.  Oh! and he’s also eating his food dry like a big boy, again which helps us greatly.  Can’t wait to book our holiday for next year so we can get him in your calendar.  Honestly, the dread of going on holiday without him has now totally gone and we can’t thank you enough !  If he could pack up and come back to you he would… I know it ?
Thanks again!

Lynne Nicol

Eileen's reply

Ruben is the most adorable 1 year old black Labrador who literally did not put one paw wrong while he was here.  Any time you want to pack your bags and come back, Ruben, the door will be open wide!

I was so happy when Eileen said she was able to have my dogs. She was so friendly and welcoming and I could tell when I first met her how much she loves dogs. I knew they would be in safe hands and she put my mind at rest straight away at leaving them.  My dogs had a lovely time with her and the next time I dropped them off, my Jack was excited as soon as he knew where we were going. Thank you, Eileen, for doing such a wonderful job and I really appreciate it. I would certainly recommend you.

Chloe Linklater

Eileen's reply

Jack and Tinkerbell are precious Chihuahua Griffens.  Chloe wrote on her form that Jack is excitable and can be anxious and Tinky is laid back.  I didn’t find that at all.  Jack made himself at home immediately and was very content. It was Tinky who took a little longer and was timid at the start.  Just goes to show our doggies can be different away from home.  By their second holiday both were perfectly at home.

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