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I’m fortunate that I am able to make an income from my two great passions in life: writing and dogs. I have been a freelance writer for the past 20 years with a reputation for being somewhat quirky and humorous and I also offer exclusive dog home boarding to dog owners who need someone to love their dogs just as much as they do in their absences. I live on beautiful Deeside in the North East of Scotland and the dogs I take care of benefit from long, (4 hours a day ordinarily) quiet, countryside walks. I’m a keen runner too and many join me on my early morning runs as well. When my friends tell their friends about my dog ‘loving’ business they warn them of the downside ... “Your dog won’t want to go home!” The greatest compliment anyone could bestow upon me. I must have been a very good dog in a previous life to be blessed with so much in this one. It’s the only explanation I can offer for how much ... “I love dogs.” 

Eileen West - dog lover and dog home boarder.

Eileen with Scarlett

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