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Giving the bird the bird

Every marketing tool at our disposal ought to be employed as those of us who have businesses try to promote them in these austere and competitive times.

Being a writer I am always enthusiastic and excited to be constantly improving this website, I enjoy designing print ads, researching relevant events/venues to showcase my business and, of course, posting regular blogs.  However, Facebook and Twitter just don’t do it for me as is obvious from the fact that my last tweet was on the 29th September and I have something like 300 friend requests on my, ill-advisedly opened, Facebook account which I studiously ignore and over which I suffer occasional pangs of guilt.

Facebook I am determined to bypass.  My friends are fantastic and endorse ‘Love dogs’ in their tweets and I appreciate I’ll have to bite the bullet and embrace that annoying little birdy, but it will be with a ‘dogged’ reluctance.

The New Yorker has a sharply drawn cartoon which captures both the pervasiveness and asurdity of tweeting.  A firing squad is standing, rifles poised and aimed towards a wretched soul propped up against the wall.  A commandant-type despot is offering him a phone.  The caption reads “Last tweet?”.  Brilliant!

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