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Free (but expensive) Zhebs

Eighteen degrees at the house but by the time I got to the car park at Sheoch Burn for a long dog walk it was thirteen degrees and drizzling.  We’re only talking a ten minute journey but it felt like I had crossed to a different continent.  What was it I said in a previous blog about there being no such thing as bad weather jut inappropriate clothing?  High time I heeded my own advice.  Shorts, T-shirt and a light fleece did seem appropriate when I set out.  I should be prepared for the vagaries of Scottish weather by now.  Fortunately, I am used to it and haven’t developed mould or rust yet.
Despite the conditions it was a lovely walk.  My friend, Claire, joined us with her three dogs, Springer spaniels, Ziggy and Zoe and her rescued short haired German pointer, Zhebs.

Zhebs is a lucky boy.  He had a dreadful life in South Korea chained up in a small concreted area with basic needs met, no walks and very little human contact.  Claire’s husband, George, who worked there at the time, saw him regularly, befriended him and ultimately grew extremely fond of him.

To cut a long, sordid story short, after much “negotiation” with the neglectful owners, George liberated Zhebs (who had an unpronounceable name at the time), had him flown to Seoul, the capital, from there to Frankfurt and finally to Edinburgh where John from Aquithie Kennels collected him to begin his 6 month quarantine period just outside Kemnay. (Defra website for guidelines on travelling with pets)

Claire visited him every opportunity she could as George was still working overseas and 2 days before Christmas he was finally reunited with George.

A happy ending all around as he has become a much loved member of the family.  He has the sweetest nature, is eager to please and extremely affectionate.

I only wish they would book a family holiday soon so that I can spend more time him (and his adorable, it not somewhat neurotic, sisters, Ziggy and Zoe, of course).  Especially, as Zhebs is my namesake.


“Zhebedee” is my moniker within the Ralph family … and elswhere.  Can’t possibly imagine why?  Suggestions on a postcard.

They hoped that Zhebs would develop into a cheerful, ‘bouncy’ dog.  A happy and, as it turns out, accurate portent.

Now, if only I could emulate his smooth, shiny coat and waggy tail …

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