Swanwick specialities: writing and propriety unshackling

That was close!  Correcting myself in the nick of time, I was about to begin this blog by indicating that instead of my dog lover hat I would be writing this with my writing hat on.  However, my dog lover bonnet is perpetually perched upon my head so let’s just say that I’m writing this with my writer’s gloves on as well.

That rambling preamble, a pre-ramble if you will, is merely to warn that what you’re about to read  a) does not contain dogs and  b) isn’t for the faint hearted.

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Scarlett the Starlet

With such a rash of doggie movie stars around at the moment never has the question of who is Hollywood’s top dog been so hotly debated.

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Licensed … to love dogs!

As with my first blog of 2012, this, my second, isn’t what I had in mind at all.  It’s better!
I’m delighted to announce that I have now been awarded my Home Dog Boarding license from Aberdeenshire Council.  I am now one of only three approved and licensed home boarders in Aberdeenshire.
Quite an honour.

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