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It’s all ‘grist to the mill’

Being a writer means that everything is “grist to the mill”.  Even this website.

I was asked yesterday to write a short article for The Perth Hub on my experiences of setting up and administering a WordPress website.  It could have been shorter than even the 300 words allotted to me – “If I can do it, anyone can”.

However, I agreed to elaborate and it follows.  If anyone is considering setting up a website, and in particular a blog driven site, the WordPress platform is an excellent vehicle.

A WordPress Apprentice

“It is a truism that to get something done you need to ask a busy person.  So, when I had to get a website up and flying fast, Broxden in Perth got my call.  From sending my logo, some initial copy and a photograph www.lovedoggies.co.uk was live within a few days.

Because I wanted a blog-driven site we agreed the WordPress platform, which I could update myself on a regular basis, would suit my needs best.  Hosting, the design, the customisation and technical stuff was all taken care of by Broxden, although it might as well have been the Hogwart’s Sorting Hat for all I understand about that, but that’s the beauty of it – I don’t have to.  I only need to know how to add and edit posts, update my gallery, add links, etc. and with fantastic ongoing instruction and support from Anne at Broxden I’m blogging like a woman possessed, rivalling Mario Testino in uploading photographs  and there’s barely a site out there to which I’m not linked.

WordPress is clear, functional, pretty much self-explanatory and simplicity itself to administer.  With a tenuous grasp of some basic, simple rules from Broxden I felt confident from the outset in exploring it … and, amazingly enough, didn’t bring about the collapse of the internet as we know it.

I know that the ‘Mothership’, aka Broxden, keep an eye on what I’m doing as I receive little tips from time to time relating to something I’ve just posted.  And for that I’m sure the World Wide Web heaves a huge sigh of relief that I’m being ‘monitored’.

As well as being an enormous amount of fun, the site is attracting traffic and most importantly I’m getting business and it only went live two weeks ago.

I feel a blog coming on …”

Broxden provide web design and IT support services and designed this fabulous new website for me. Tel: 01738 450422. Email Enable JavaScript to view protected content.www.broxden.co.uk

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