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How much do I love thee …

If this isn’t a testament to my absolute love of and devotion to dogs I don’t know what is.
Out on my early morning run today with Finty, my red and white collie and running buddy, we spotted a neighbour with his lovely German Shepherd, Josie lumbering up the track toward us.  Finty loves Josie.  As we thundered along to meet them I greeted Alec with a breathless “Good morning” just as Finty decided to cut across in front of me to greet Josie in that way only dogs know how.  Unfortunately, I didn’t spot this nifty manoeuvre, fell over her and flew my length upon the gravelly track.

Had that been a human being who crossed my path and laid me up close and personal with terra firma in the most inelegant way, the blood, pain and tears (and we’re not talking metaphorically here, we’re talking your actual red stuff, excruciating soreness and pathetic sobbing) would have been deferred as anger and reprisals took over.  Aargh! How stupid of someone to hinder one of the favourite pursuits of the day – my daily run with Finty – and possibly impede further runs for an indefinite period.

As it was Finty – my beloved dog – not even a mild rebuke passed my lips.  As she dropped down beside me and licked my bleeding chin I found myself consoling her and telling her that I was all right and not to worry.
She was only doing what dogs do and I should have been more aware.  Forgiveness was unnecessary and the incident forgotten by the time I limped home.

Had it been a human obstacle, at that moment it would have run through my head that he or she was also only doing what people do.  Being thoughtless, careless and selfish.  Forgiveness would have been a long time coming despite profuse apologies I’m sure and the incident only forgotten when my dignity had sufficiently repaired.
Double standards?  Of course.  But then they are dumb animals.

Whereas dogs are most certainly not.

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