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Formalities over

One of the nicest aspects of ‘Love dogs’ is meeting a new canine client for the first time.  Yesterday was no exception.

A new human client brought her utterly adorable spaniel collie cross, Ross, out to meet me.   Her holiday plans aren’t until October but I wanted to keep him yesterday.  Big, black, floppy, hairy bundle of fun.  And he has spats!   Too cute.

They both seemed to love the house and garden.  Ross spent a lot of time racing around excitedly sniffing everything … including my dogs.  Donna, his Mum … not quite so much!  She will at least be able to enjoy her holiday now that she knows he will be in good hands.  Ross has never been left before and I feel truly honoured that his mum is happy to entrust him into the care of ‘Love dogs’.

‘Sprollies’ have an incredible amount of energy.  Spaniels especially are very active, energetic dogs and collies have seemingly interminable stamina.  Combine the two and we have a dog that likes to be kept busy and will keep going all day long.

This cross also benefits from a loving, sweet nature and a shed-load of brains – a combo which makes them ideal for activities like agility and flyball.  They are generally good jumpers –  four feet high often … particularly if a ball has cleared the wall first.

I’ll have to keep a close eye on Ross but I don’t anticipate that being a hardship.  I’ll enjoy enormously getting to know him and watching his many and varied antics during his stay with me.  Watch this space from the 7th October for his diary.

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