Dog-Crate Gate

I had imagined my first blog of 2012 to be a gentle round up of events: a chatty catch-up if you will.  Instead, I have been jolted out of my elongated blogging torpor (reasons for which will follow in a future post) by indignation and incredulity. Continue reading

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Taking the ‘Mickey’

I thnk I tempted fate in a previous blog, “The best laid schemes o’mice an men …”.  The notoriety has turned the heads of the little blighters.  The mice that is.  Not the men.  The latter’s being already warped.

I’m with Cyril Connolly when, in The Unquiet Grave, he said “It is only in the country that we can get to know a person or a book” and I could never live anywhere else, but it does have its minor downsides.  Uninvited guests. Continue reading

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Surrey surreal dogfight

Played hookey for a couple of hours last Saturday and joined a few fellow writers at our hallowed Cliff Cottage for lunch hosted by the wonderful Elizabeth.  She’ll hate me for saying this, (and will let me know in no uncertain terms as she is a subscriber) but she truly is generosity and philanthropy personified.

In the course of our spirited and diverse conversation it came up that a writer friend of ours was ghosting an autobiography.  There’s nothing too remarkable about that as a lot of autobiographies are “ghosted” to some degree.  However, for an autobiography to be successful the subject should be well known or at the very least their name needs to be recognisable.  The subject of this one was unfamiliar and curiosity got the better of me.

Imagine my surprise when a veritable dogfight unfolded before my eyes. Continue reading

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