YOUR DOG IS WONDERFUL.  Imagine how fun-fantastic it
would be if a dog could morph into a pony, horse, donkey or dolphin!  In
the animal fantasy ‘A Donkity Crisis’ written for young teenagers, Barley Mars
can do just that.  ‘A Donkity Crisis’ is the first book in the
Shapeshifting trilogy exploring life on the edge of imaginative possibility.

Useful links:

Donkity Crisis

Shapeshifter of the Sands 

Shapeshifters of the Sea 

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  1. Dianne Main says:

    Hello! My Oscar a border terrier was with Eileen for 2weeks in school Oct hols. He had much fun and the walks were great. Lost weight too with the long long walks! Wish I had the time to go on as many long walks. A friend collected him as we delayed getting back.
    One happy dog! Thanks Eileen. Fae the Mains.

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