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Love dogs … promises that guests will receive the love and attention they require to make sure that the strain of separation from their owners is kept to an absolute minimum.

Love dogs … promises that guests will be cared for during their stay in a child free and smoke free, loving environment and will be walked for 2 hours twice daily or according to their particular needs in a a beautiful, quite, rural environment.

Love dogs … began from a passion and love for dogs and the wish that they be treated as a loved family member and not a product.

Love dogs … dog walking service promises at least an hour (excluding pick up and drop off) walking in a quiet countryside environment on Deeside.

If you cannot bear the thought of your loved dog spending hours of solitude in a strange environment or if you are unable to walk your dog for whatever reason then please call because

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4 Responses to About Love Dogs

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  2. LoveDogs says:

    Ali, I wish all dogs were as obedient as you are!

  3. Susan says:

    Hi, a fantastic website – great photos.

  4. Kate Blackadder says:

    Look forward to reading more about your adventures.

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